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ECRA helps banking and non-banking financial institutions to improve Credit & Risk development and education.
ECRA is a not for profit member driven professional

ECRA is the 1st Credit & Risk Association in Egypt to be officially formed to gather all credit & risk professionals in Egypt under one roof. We work closely with the regulators (CBE & EFSA) suggesting our recommendations to enhance the 2 mentioned fields in Egypt for the benefit of both lenders & borrowers. ECRA is a not-for-profit, member-driven professional association whose sole purpose is to work with the appropriate regulators to improve & enhance the use of sound corporate and risk principles in the financial services industry.

  • Leasing

    Financial leasing is a source of medium to long term funds that fulfill company's financial requirements.

  • Factoring

    As a new financial tool in the market, Factoring stands as one the most important alternatives for the SMEs and Corporates as well.

  • Mortgage

    Mortgage finance is governed in Egypt by Law No. 140 which was issued in August, 2001 (the Law).

  • Bank Finance

Board of Directors

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Mr. Mahmoud El-Sakka

Ecra Chairman From 08. 2011 till 08.2016 – Head of Investment Banking & Corporate Finance – Arab African International Bank
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Mr. Ahmed Shaheen

Vice Chairman
General Manager – Egypt Factors
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Mr. Ayman Yassin

General Director
Head Investment Group – National Bank of Egypt
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Mr. Hussein Shawky

Deputy General Manager at Egyptian gulf Bank
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Mr. Tamer Mahmoud Sadek

Board Member
Deputy General Manager at Banque Misr
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Mr. Yehia Abu El-Fotouh

Board Member
Vice Chairman – National Bank of Egypt
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Mr. Ayman El Sawy

Board Member
Funding and Financial Planning Manager – Sarwa Capital
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Mr. Ahmed F. Deif

Board Member
MD and CEO – AT-Finance
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Dr. Mohamed Nader

Board Member
Chairman Archer Consulting
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Mr. Khaled Salheen

Board Member
Head of Credit Risk at Arab African International Bank
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Mr. Ayman Khatab

Board Member
Head of Credit Risk – Risk Management – CBE

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