Egypt is moving in a new economic direction, reforms are hard but necessary: Chris Jarvis

Foreign exchange and inflation rates exceeded the IMF’s preliminary predictions; IMF may have miscalculated the foundations of the Egyptian economy   Mission chief for Egypt and advisor to the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Middle East and Central Asia Department Chris Jarvis discussed in a press briefing the details of the agreement between Egypt and the[…]

Electricity Ministry contracts with Tractebel to assess offers for $10bn coal-fueled power plant

Seven companies make their bids The Ministry of Electricity contracted with Belgian consulting office Tractebel Engineering consultancy company to assess the most suitable technical and financial offer across seven presented bids to establish a coal-fueled power plant that will cost $10bn with a 6,000 MW output. Sources at the ministry said that the consulting office[…]

“الأهلى” يروج لفرص استثمارية سياحية لمستثمرين سعوديين وكويتيين

كشف ايمن ياسين، رئيس مجموعة الاستثمار فى البنك الاهلى المصرى، عن ان البنك الاهلى المصرى، يقوم حالياً بالترويج لفرص استثمارية خلال الشهرين المقبلين فى القطاع السياحى امام بعض المستثمرين السعودِيين والكويتيين والمصريين، مؤكداً وجود استجابة كبيرة من بعض المستثمرين العرب والاجانب للاستثمار فى السوق المصرية. واوضح ياسين فى تصريحات خاصة لـ”العالم اليوم”، ان البنك الاهلى[…]

Egypt, Russia agree on bank guarantees and credit packages for Dabaa nuclear power plant

Egypt and Russia have agreed on a number of items included in the Dabaa nuclear power plant contract, including the items on credit packages and bank guarantees. Government sources told Daily News Egypt that technical negotiations have been concluded, leaving only the distribution of commitment and minor commercial and financial details to negotiated. After reaching[…]

Automotive industry strategy postponed indefinitely

After its meeting on Monday with representatives of the automotive feeding industries companies, the parliament approved postponing the automotive industry strategy indefinitely. A senior parliamentary source at the parliament’s Industry Committee said that postponing the negotiations related to the strategy is pending more hearings and discussions with automotive companies and feeding industries. He added that[…]