Conference With Mr. Amr Mousa

img-17ECRA was keen to meet with several presidential candidates to discuss with them their economic agenda & to express its members’ thoughts of available solutions. ECRA Board of Directors & members had a meeting with Mr. Amr Mousa the presidential candidate on December 26th of 2011, in order to discuss current economic crises Egypt is facing & the solutions ECRA believes appropriate to overcome these difficulties. The meeting started at 3:00 pm & lasted for 90 fruitful minutes during which Mr. Mousa exposed his economic agenda to the board & inquired about any issues related to the banking system & other alternative financing tools such as leasing & factoring. At the end of the meeting Mr. Amr Mousa asked ECRA to present him a white paper including ECRA views of the financial & the economic situations in Egypt, procedures that should take in such tough times.