Banking Simulation Game

album_2Le Méridien Heliopolis has hosted the first ECRA training course jointly organized with The EBI “Egyptian Banking Institute” under the title of “Banking Simulation Game”. The course started on 29th of November 2011 and ended on the 1st of December 2011 & was instructed by Mr. Nicklas Schaub representing Game Solution, An international company specialized in banking training & simulations.

Banking Simulation Game is a game that creates a realistic environment within a varying and challenging economic situations that requires participants to be grouped into different “management teams”, whereby each team is managing a hypothetical bank. Through their experience with the simulation program, participants have an immediate and lasting learning effect.

The Banking Game creates an environment where the decisions of one bank affect the results of other banks. At the same time, the results of the different banks are influenced by unforeseen market developments. This Game helps the participants to increase their understanding of the various challenges that arise to the management level.

ECRA and Egyptian Banking Institute celebrated with the winning team that achieved the best results and the entire winning team members received an honor certificates.

Following the great success of the first Banking Simulation Game, ECRA & EBI decided to include it to their annual agenda, to be organized on a regular basis.