October 13, 2016

Mission Statement & Objectives

Mission Statement

  • Networking, arranging conferences and promote the common interests of lenders, such as: Leasing companies, Mortgage companies and Factoring companies engaged in commercial activity in Egypt as a source of funding throughout all governorates.
  • Provide a forum for discussion and dissemination of information between members, including organizing workshops and meetings to develop the corporate and retail banking, leasing, real estate, finance and so on.
  • Organization of training courses that promote the development of skills of all staff and management of credit & risk among different parties.
  • Liaison with regulators, such as the Central Bank, Financial Supervisory Authority or other parties on issues affecting the banking, Leasing, Factoring & Real Estate financing in Egypt as well as supporting utilities such as insurance programs.


  • Proposing new Credit & Risk instruments and the development of those available are used to evaluate the credit worthiness in the market.
  • Educate borrowers on how to deal with the lenders and how to increase their opportunities to get the most benefit from credit facilities.
  • Develop training courses inside and outside Egypt to the Credit and Risk department to increase their technical capabilities.
  • Arrange workshops and conferences to discuss the obstacles facing the industry and our vision to overcome them.
  • Solving the problems of the members and increase their ability to work in a decent environment and ensure they have the appropriate and suitable income and standard of living.
  • Develop a direct contact between all members of the Association and create a professional environment suitable to connect the professional and social, as well as communication with various members and non-members to participate in social projects, including a club’s social workers in these sectors.
  • Develop and promote standards of ethical and professional standards within the community of credit and Risk.
  • Issuing publications and booklets on activities of the Association’s objectives and to educate borrowers on how to deal with the lenders and to maintain a healthy credit habits.
  • Cooperation with the authors of various policies (Central Bank of Egypt, EFSA, taxes and other …) in order to overcome the obstacles faced by borrowers in the various means of financing.
  • Ensure that best practices are used and enhance the professional skills of employees of Credit and Risk in Egypt.
  • Promoting public awareness for activities for the society and the various means of financing available in Egypt.
  • To encourage visits from foreign associations dealing with Credit and Risk tasks and strengthening the international relations of the Association with similar ones abroad.