Credit and Risk Digital Age




Credit & Risk Digital Age What draws the line between those who prosper with market changes and those who fall behind? It is their ability to seize strategic windows. Opportunity is NOW at your door. Will you thrive? Or will you tumble? You are cordially invited to engage in the summit for “How the Digital Age Can Empower the Egyptian Financial Industry” called upon by the Egyptian Credit & Risk Association (ECRA), sponsored by Oracle Partner Network and Inplenion, to deliver the competitive advantage, business insight, and accuracy in decision-making needed in today’s industry as demonstrated through local success stories of pioneers. Greater investments on the horizon, The Central Bank of Egypt is providing an unprecedented opportunity that will bolster the economy, change investor demographics and support business expansions to elevate Egypt’s EASE OF DOING BUSINESS ranking among emerging markets. 100 billion pounds added to circulation…. More than 30 thousand loans…. How much will YOUR cut be??? We welcome you to come and engage with us on Tuesday, April 12th from 06:00pm to 09:00pm At Marriott Hotel, Zamalek